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Antibiotic Tulle Dressing

Medicated gauze dressing impregnated topical ointment containing Neomycin, Polymyxin and Bactracin which are synergistic.

Terminally sterilized by Gamma Irradiation at ISOMED (B.A.R.C.)
A unique bactericidal antibiotic formulation.
An excellent mechanical protection.
Absorption of these antibiotics through intact skin is negligible.
Neomycin Sulphate USP 3400 Units is a broad-spectrum amino glycoside antibiotic and active against many strains of Gram-ve & Gram +ve micro organisms.
Polymixn B Sulphate USP 5000 Units, a peptide antibiotic, disorganises outer membrane of bacterial cell.
Bacitracin Zinc USP 400, a polypeptide antibiotic, inhibits cell wall synthesis. It is primarily effective against a wide range of Gram +ve and a few Gram-ve bacteria including anaerobic cocci.


To minimize bio-burden levels
Our antibiotic dressing, antibiotic tulle dressing absorbs discharge, allows easy drainage of wound exudates and permits ventilation to the area.
Highly potent triple antibiotic combination that demonstrates bactericidal action against both Gram+ve (Including most common skin pathogens as S. aureus & S.pyogenes) and Gram-ve Organisms (including P.aeruginosa).
Sterile ready to use antibiotic tulle dressing
Exhibits low risk of cross resistance, facilitates inhibition of bacterial repopulation or resident epidermal flora after eradication of bacteria from stratum corneum.
Antibiotic dressing Does not adhere to granulating skin and does not result in maceration of the lesion.
High local drug concentration is achieved at the site of application, synergestic anti microbial activity in minor wound infections and lowering infection rates in wounds sutured.
Interferes with bacterial protein synthesis and thus possesses a strong bactericidal activity.
(Polymyxim B Sulphate + Neomycin Sulphate + Bactracin Zinc)
Increases bacterial cell permeability and thus bactericidal in action.
Bactericidal in action and completes the antibacterial range.


Principally soothing dressings for surface dressings viz.

Burns and Scalds
Donor and Recipient Graft Sites
Skin Loss wounds
Pressure Sores
Ulcers and
Infected Lesions caused By Susceptible Bacteria

Post operative dressings particularly after plastic surgery, skin transplants, eczema, dermatitis and other skin complaints.